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Is your fundraising…time-consuming, with very low ROI? Not empowering your current & new people to make the “ask”? Not raising enough $$ or growing your donor list?

We can help! We’ve worked with thousands of Nonprofits helping them raise hundreds of millions.

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  • Fundraising is too time-consuming
  • Get a much better ROI for your time

Get the best result affordable and hassle-free

Raise more in a fraction of the time

The problem with most “Fundraising Events” is they are often more about the “Event” than the “Fundraising”. Our clients spend 95% of their time on the fundraising. We handle the event.

Activate your board and less involved volunteers

We teach your board, stakeholders, or other volunteers how to ask for money so they won’t lose any friends or gain any enemies.

Quickly find new streams and networks of donors

Most organizations are only connecting with a fraction of their potential network. Our campaigns find you more donors, volunteers, stakeholders, and board members.

Some of Our Clients

Catalyst Partnerships
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Salem Angels - The Foster Care Community


Stories from Our Clients

“Best money we ever spent. We have raised over one million dollars in 12 years with ProFund.”

Sam Skillern

Executive Director, Salem Leadership Foundation

“ProFund has been a game changer for us! We’ve raised over a million dollars in 13 years with ProFund.”

Shawn Mitchell

Executive Director, Catalyst Partnerships

“We are absolutely ecstatic with our ProFund fundraiser. This campaign greatly broadened our sphere of influence.”

Brooke Goldsby

Executive Director, Salem Angels

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We can help you do even more good in your community with our program.

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