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The Client Inquiry Process


Everything we do at ProFund is strategic to help our clients complete their most successful fundraiser ever. The three-step process below is designed to help the Inquiring Organization learn about and vet ProFund, understand our unique Peer-to-Peer program, and for us to vet them. We require this process for both our benefit.

The Three-Steps


Review our website to get your initial questions answered. Then if you like what you see, complete the Inquiry Form below. Upon receipt, we will follow up with any questions, and then per your continued interest, invite you to take the next step. There is no obligation if you submit the form.


Set up a one-hour, free consultation via Zoom call (possibly in person) with the Executive Director and the Board President, and your ProFund Rep will review our program, services, fee and client requirements. This is a requirement as it’s critical that the leaders of the Organization, and Board, both fully understand, and eventually support, this fundraiser to take the next step.


Once the above steps are completed, and the Inquiring Organization is ready, the final step is for your ProFund Rep to present to the entire Board the program, services, fee and client requirements. After Board discussion and approval, the Inquiring Organization receives and moves thru the ‘requirement’ step which typically takes 7-10 days. Upon success, we can complete the contract for services and begin the fundraiser.

NOTE: The entire Inquiry Process (1+ months), and the Pre-Campaign & Campaign itself (4 months), can take 6 months so we advise you to start step #1 above within 6 months, or more, before a desired campaign event date.

501c3 Requirement

You must be a registered 501c3 nonprofit with the IRS to complete the form below. When we receive your submission we will then follow up via email.

Keep up the good work in your community!

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