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The Client Inquiry Process


Everything we do at ProFund is strategic to help our Nonprofit/School clients complete their most successful fundraiser ever. The seven-step process below is designed to help the Inquiring Organization learn about and vet ProFund, understand our unique Peer-to-Peer program, and for us to vet them. We require this process for both our benefit.

The Seven-Steps


Review our website to get your initial questions answered. Then if you like what you see, complete the Inquiry Form below. Upon receipt, we will follow up with any questions, and then per both our continued interest, invite you to take the next step.


Executive Director & Board Chair meet with the ProFund Rep (one hour): to learn about  ProFund’s fundraising program, services, fee & client minimums. If the senior leaders like what they hear, and will commit to the program, then take the next step.


Informational Meeting (one hour): All Board Members & KEY Stakeholders attend for a total of 12 minimum folks, to learn about ProFund’s program, services, fee & client minimums.


Board discussion/vote. If the Board approves, move to the next step.


Complete Client Minimums. Best Practice is to try to complete this step within two weeks:
We need eight (minimum) people (Board/Stakeholders) to sign up to participate and fundraise in the campaign. The total paid to the Organization from these eight (or more) individuals is at least $1500.


If/when the above is achieved then the authorized Organization Rep signs the ProFund contract & pays the retainer, hiring ProFund.


We begin pre-campaign tasks to prepare to start the campaign.


-At any point you can pause or end the steps.

-There is no charge for steps 1-5 above.

-We want to take these steps above in the order listed, so we empower your senior leadership first then bring in ProFund to fully educate the Board/Stakeholders on how the campaign works and answer all their questions at the Info Meeting. If senior leadership attempts to share it with the Board prior to step #2 then they likely will be unable to answer critical questions which can be confusing for the other members.

-The entire Inquiry Process (1+ months), and the Pre-Campaign & Campaign itself (4 months), can take 6 months so we advise you to start step #1 above within 6 months, or more, before a desired campaign event date.

If you have any questions, at any time during the process, don’t hesitate to reach out.

501c3 Requirement

You must be a registered 501c3 nonprofit with the IRS to complete the form below. When we receive your submission we will then follow up via email.

Keep up the good work in your community!

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