ProFund has a fantastic history of helping local nonprofits. Read about us below and then let’s talk.

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ProFund History

ProFund began as part of the Josh McDowell Ministries. Mike Keleher, one of the founders of ProFund was Josh’s Director of Development in the 1980s. Josh McDowell Ministries continues today – but back then, when Josh began publishing books and videos nationwide he needed a source of funding to make it happen.

We studied every type of fundraising “events” being used by every organization needing to raise dollars. Charities, schools, foundations, and all types of 501(c)(3)s were putting on great “events”. They were well organized and well planned, yet took a great deal of time and much effort by many people. Too much time and effort were yielding less than desirable results. We found that after most of these “events” concluded, the organization accepted whatever dollar amounts were raised and appeared satisfied, at least on the surface.

Conducting a good “event” is not the point. We wanted to develop “CAMPAIGNS” that would raise more serious money with the fewest number of effective people in less time than had ever been realized. After all, no one would argue that today’s organizations need to be more effective and efficient at raising dollars. Our criteria set forth a paradigm change in fundraising, from events to “campaigns”.

We thus, became a financial development consulting organization, applying techniques from the business world to manage our clients “campaigns” more strategically, with better utilization of their resources of Time, People and Money. We are NOT a “Fundraising Company” because we never touch an organization’s money.

Since 1992 ProFund has conducted thousands of campaigns which have raised hundreds of millions dollars for our clients.

Our campaigns have the capacity to raise $30,000 – $300,000 or more and net 70-75% of the proceeds!

“Conducting a good ‘event’ is not the point. We wanted to develop ‘Campaigns’ that would raise more serious money with the fewest number of effective people in less time than had ever been realized.”

– Jerry Stevens, President –

Meet the Team

Jerry Stevens

Jerry Stevens

Owner & CEO

Jerry is a dynamic and driven fundraising expert, known for his passion and expertise in Peer-to-Peer fundraising. He excels in building relationships coaching clients and creating supportive environments to ensure their success.

Jerry’s impact extends beyond the walls of ProFund, as he actively participates in community initiatives and philanthropic endeavors. Whether it’s supporting local events or volunteering his time, he believes in giving back and making a difference in the lives of others.

Jerry Stevens is not just a fundraising expert; he is deeply passionate about empowering organizations who are creating positive change, and leaving a lasting legacy. He is also passionate about helping entrepreneurs start their own ProFund business (more on that here).

He is married to Debi, a powerhouse fitness & personal trainer.

Kelly Dooley

Kelly Dooley

ProFund Houston


We want to welcome Kelly Dooley to the ProFund team!

From 2001 to 2015 Kelly, of ProFund Houston, was the Development Director for the National MS Society, South Central Region assisting in the management of their signature fundraising events, the MS Walk and Bike MS through-out TX. Then his passion for kids landed him with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and he managed their fundraising events called, Ride for Kids across the US.

Now Kelly lives outside of Houston, enjoys being a mortgage lender for clients in all 50 states. He has a passion for fundraising and loves coaching clients to raise money and creating awareness for their cause.

He is married to Amy, a native Houstonian. Together they have two daughters, Parker and Andie. Weekends are filled with soccer games and or traveling to Oklahoma to see his parents.

If you’re a Nonprofit/School in Texas, or anywhere in the Southern US, you can contact Kelly at the email above.